A Selfsame Well
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A Selfsame Well

Due to a recent injury, I have been forced to refrain from many of the everyday activities that I have taken for granted.  I was once told that in the absence of one's activities, one finds their true character.  With the veil of confidence and distraction temporarily stripped away from me, I have discovered a well of insecurity and flawed conceptions of self.  A Selfsame Well is an exploration into such feelings of desolation and the fragility of identity. Through the process of introspection one risks the possibility of losing oneself completely, however, it is only through the struggle to tolerate the intolerable that one keeps open to the possibility of transformation and rebirth.  Just as I am fashioning these attributes of my personality, I am physically replicating the manifestations of these emotions through my imagery. I embark on this journey with the intent of better understanding my own character, but as Steinbeck once wrote, "I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found."



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